Tournament of Bands (TOB) is divided into 13 regions, or chapters. Chapter 8 includes Western Pennsylvania. You can find out more about the organization at their website -

TOB runs marching band festivals in the fall season with different levels of adjudication based on the needs of each band. The TOB season culminates with regional chapter championships, followed by all-chapter Atlantic Coast Championships featuring the top bands from all 13 Chapters.

Tournament Indoor Assicoation (TIA), TOB's indoor performance organization, runs indoor shows with indoor color guards, marching, standstill, and concert percussion ensembles, twirlers, and dance teams, as well as adjudication festivals for jazz bands. The TIA Season ends with chapter championships followed by All-Chapter Championships, the "Weekend in Wildwood," featuring over 200 performing units from around the 13 chapter region.

Tournament's motto is "performance excellence through positive reinforcement." All competitive and non-competitive adjudications are with the education of the student in mind.

The best part about involvement with TOB and TIA - it is run for the students, by it's members, and the membership fee is very reasonable (a nominal dues per year and no per-show charge!) Please contact the chapter coordinator for more information on joining the Tournament of Bands.

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